Williamsburg Conference

December 27-31, 2023

2023 Theme: Deliverance

The Bible account is filled with tales of deliverance: from sin, slavery, oppression, and the mouths of lions. The psalmists record victories, restoration, and protection brought about by a God who saves. And yet alongside these triumphs, we also read of suffering, loss, and the procession away to exile. The same nation that was brought to a land of milk and honey is later led away in chains. Throughout our lives, we may also encounter both extremes of this experience. 

Join us at this year’s Williamsburg Conference as we explore our faith in a God who saves. How is God our deliverer? What does it mean for us when deliverance is a long time coming? What if it never comes? Where do we find faith in a God who delivers when we find ourselves in the midst of untenable suffering? Is it wrong to hold an expectation of deliverance? What role do we play in delivering each other? What should our response to deliverance be? How is Jesus delivering us even now?

For over 50 years, the Williamsburg Conference has provided a unique opportunity for praise and fellowship. Attendees explore inspirational topics in exhortations during the mornings and small group sessions during the afternoons. The small group sessions promote discussion in an effort to encourage everyone, young and old, to share their lives and build inter-generational friendships. The sessions focus on the topics from the morning’s exhortations. Group discussions will be built on scriptural foundations.

The Conference has been designed to help us apply scriptural knowledge about God’s precepts to our everyday lives. Let us focus our hearts and minds on worshiping and serving, in preparation for tomorrow and in preparation for the return of Jesus.

Colton & Emily Walker
Jonathan & Corina Midgett
Sam Turner & Lauren Ghent

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